Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.  --Pablo Picasso

My blog will be primarily my reflections on my work throughout my life--what moves me to want to create something which is difficult to express in any other way but through visual means.

Sometimes I will discuss specific pieces on which  I am currently working and how they relate to works in the past.  Other times my comments will be more general about what imagery, whether "real" or imagined, interests me.



I knew I wanted to create a body of work which was essentially about landscape. The pieces here are from a series called  "The Lake is Not the Ocean".   As I worked,  I imagined flying over all the places I had loved and tracked my movement with a vocabulary of marks--wavy & straight lines, verticals & horizontals, dots & dashes.  I used a paintbrush like a pencil, and the works were small & intricate.  Chicago & Virginia melded together into unique places.  Looking back on these & other works like them from this time period, I realize that my technical approach was not unlike the sewing & needlework projects  of my teen years.