Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.  --Pablo Picasso

My blog will be primarily my reflections on my work throughout my life--what moves me to want to create something which is difficult to express in any other way but through visual means.

Sometimes I will discuss specific pieces on which  I am currently working and how they relate to works in the past.  Other times my comments will be more general about what imagery, whether "real" or imagined, interests me.



My life in Chicago and art school were inextricably bound for 7 years.  Each had an immeasurable influence on my work.  My map drawings, like those shown in the previous post, developed from colored pencil & conte materials into oil paintings.  I thought of these as internal travel logs -- with a bird's eye viewpoint.   The natural landscape of my East coast past combined with the architectural footprints of city buildings that I now saw looking out the window from the elevated trains that I rode daily.